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Pure dry goods, come and take a look. You don’t know anything about shelves

For supermarkets, shopping malls, warehouses and other places, Xuzhou shelves are very important storage equipment, which can play a good role in organizing and storing. In the use of shelves in Xuzhou, it is necessary to reduce damage and extend the service life of shelves through proper use and maintenance. So, what knowledge do you have about the correct usage of Xuzhou shelves and the details to pay attention to when using them? Below, Jiangsu Satong Intelligent Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction:

1、 Avoid collision with handling tools

When handling goods at work, it is important to handle them with care to avoid collisions between the goods and the components of the shelves. Especially for heavy-duty shelves, when using forklifts and other handling tools, they should be handled straight in and out, leaving the range of the shelves before turning. If it accidentally collides with the pillars and other components of a heavy-duty shelf, it should be reported to the maintenance department in a timely manner and labeled as “shelf component damaged, awaiting repair”. The maintenance department will decide to repair it on its own or notify the shelf manufacturer for after-sales replacement based on the damage situation. For example, if the components of a heavy-duty shelf only have damaged surface coatings and metal materials without deformation, The maintenance department can use the shelf specific coating reserved by Xuzhou Tianchen Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to repair and self spray paint for repair; If there is deformation or other issues with the components of heavy-duty shelves, the Xuzhou shelf manufacturer Tianchen Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. should be notified in a timely manner for replacement (24-hour service hotline: 133 9827 1980) to avoid collapse accidents.

2、 The stored goods shall not exceed the maximum load capacity indicated on the shelf’s load-bearing label

When designing heavy-duty shelves, designers will confirm the weight of the product with the user, and use the maximum load capacity of the pallet goods multiplied by a safety factor of 1.4 as the design standard for design and manufacturing. After the installation of the shelves is completed, Xuzhou shelf manufacturer Tianchen Shelf Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will hang the “Shelf Usage Instructions and Operation Guidelines” in a prominent place, which includes usage details, shelf maintenance knowledge, and maximum load-bearing capacity, When using these shelves, be sure not to exceed the specified load capacity to avoid safety accidents.

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