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Long Span Shelving (medium shelving | medium B shelving | medium heavy shelving)
long span shelving, belonging to a storage shelf, shelf shelf type.

Refine on intelligent manufacturing by Satong


Jiangsu satong intelligent logistics equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Tushan Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China, close to Shanghai port, Qingdao port and Lianyungang portSatong is a professional manufacturer of industrial shelves and AS/RS with 15 years of production experience.

Saton is committed to expanding limited storage space and improving the turnover efficiency of goods in and out of storage.

Its products cover automated storage solutions, traditional industrial storage systems, sorting storage systems, and supporting facilities.

The selection of raw materials and the control of production process determine the quality of products, ten links to create high-quality productsSelected steel from famous Chinese steel manufacturers (Baosteel, Rizhao Steel and so on).

    Steel plate purchased back to the factory will be cuted into the required size by hydraulic shearing mechine,and then place the steel on the bending machine and bend into the desired shape.

The processed steel plate is placed on the die in the punch press for stamping.

Stamping process has punching, blanking, punching three processesPlace the preliminary processed steel on the roll mill, roll into a standard shape, and cut off according to the required lengthThe parts and components after stamping, bending and rolling are welded with protective welder to form each required part.

In order to improve welding quality and reduce spatter, 70% argon +30% carbon dioxide mixed gas protection welding is adopted in all welding sectionsThe workpiece is degreased by spray , treated 10-15 min,  and then the workpiece is sprayed with water for decontaminatedIn order to enhance the corrosion resistance of the workpiece, some parts of the workpiece should be treated by powder spraying before assembly.

The epoxy resin material is non-toxic, odourless and pollution-free. Which is adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece by electrostatic spraying.

After the surface coating of the workpiece by the automatic assembly line into the curing room, the resin powder then 180℃/20min under the temperature of curing, forming a protective film.

The size, appearance, shape and other parameters of the finished product were inspected and measured, and trial assembly and bearing test were carried outThe finished products are packed with PET plastic-steel belt, bubble film , wrapping film etc. and stored for delivery.


The laminate is standard for electrostatic spraying, andcan also be eguipped with multip e galvanized plates.planks.multilaver boards and aver bearing capacity, stable structure and unlimited specifications (height and length). lt can be designe(his shelf type has the characteristics of largeas a three-column column sheet according to the need to solve the problem of too deep and too large single layer load. The shelf is suitable forcomponents.

The shelf can also be used to design the prestoring heavy oac procucts such as haroware and electrica materia s and machinterred shelt form of mult-storey atic sheives. The use rate, while the narrow channe type and the double depth type cargo position arancementavoids this shortcoming beer Because of its unioue position manacement ability and convenient pickinc function, crossbeam shelf has become thepreferred shelf type for logistics enterprises.


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