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Sale Drive in racking

Support for multiple cargo compartments and loading walkways.



Drive in racking consists of column group. The shelves are densely packed with high space utlization andare suitable for storing small and large quantities ofwhich can be stored and taken out from one side (advanced and outthe same tvpe of goods.This shelf type is suitable for the storage mode of relatively few varietes. integrated in and out. Because only the main passage is aranged. the forklift can enter the storage area, so the warehouseilization rate is very high, and it is widely used in cold chain logistics, drinks, food, dairyproducts and other fields.

The plane ayout is divided into one-way layout and two-way layoutA fork quide rail can be desioned in a narower channelDriving-in shelves should not carry more than 1500 KG per vard.


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