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Pure dry goods, come and take a look. You don’t know anything about shelves

For supermarkets, shopping malls, warehouses and other places, Xuzhou shelves are very important storage equipment, which can play a good role in organizing and storing. In the use of shelves in Xuzhou, it is necessary to reduce damage and extend the service life of shelves through proper use and maintenance. So, what knowledge do you have about the correct usage of Xuzhou shelves and the details to pay attention to when using them? Below, Jiangsu Satong Intelligent Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction:

The difference between crossbeam shelving and through shelving

Cross beam shelving is a professional warehouse shelving designed for storing and retrieving palletized goods (each pallet is a storage space, hence also known as a storage space shelving); The crossbeam type shelf is composed of column pieces (columns) and crossbeams. The crossbeam type shelf structure is simple, safe and reliable. According to the actual usage requirements of users, including tray load capacity requirements, tray size, actual warehouse space, and forklift lifting height, we provide different specifications of crossbeam shelves for selection.